What can you do?

Report Turtle Dove Sightings

You can help us tremendously by reporting any Turtle Dove observations. This is most easily done by creating an account at www.waarneming.nl. Here, you can easily enter any observations along with the place you heard/saw the Turtle Dove and the time and date. You can also search the Waarneming maps to find out if Turtle Doves have been seen in your area.

​​​Supplementary Feeding

If you are interested in supporting Turtle Doves in your area, you can help by participating in the BirdLife Netherlands supplementary feeding scheme. The aim of ‘Operatie Zomertortel’ is to prevent further population decline of Turtle Doves in the Netherlands. As part of this, an emergency supplementary feeding scheme was started in 2019. Will you help stop the disappearance of Turtle Doves from our landscape? Do you know of any Turtle Doves breeding in your area? Then send an e-mail to ZomerTortel@vogelbescherming.nl. For more information about the supplementary feeding scheme, please click the link below.





Financial Support

Still  want to support the Turtle Dove but don’t have much time? You can always help by financially supporting Operatie Zomertortel from BirdLife Netherlands. By giving, you can still be an integral part of our efforts to conserve Turtle Doves in the Netherlands. To learn more about Operatie Zomertortel or make a donation, please click the link below.

Operatie zomertortel logo.png

Do you manage land?

The loss of suitable nesting and foraging habitat is one of the key drivers in the decline of Turtle Doves. If we are to make a difference in the Netherlands, it starts with proving good food, water and nesting opportunities for them. Operation Turtle Dove  in the UK provides excellent advice for those who manage land - a downloadable PDF can be found by clicking the link below.

Operation Turtle Dove.png