Jos is on his way to Africa!

Having spent the breeding season on Walcheren in the Netherlands, European Turtle Dove Jos has crossed Belgium and France, and is now taking a pit stop just south of Valladolid, Spain. This region's Turtle Dove hunting season ended yesterday, on the 20th September 2020.

His nail-biting journey will lead him south, across the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara, to the Sahel belt of Africa (map from English Turtle Dove 'Titan'). Jos will face obstacles such as hunting season, poor weather, habitat loss in rest areas, and sheer exhaustion.

Jos is the first Turtle Dove in the Netherlands to be equipped with a satellite transmitter, allowing us to follow his progress on this incredible journey. It will give us insight into his migration route, and where and when he stops for breaks, ultimately supporting us as we strive to protect his species.

Join us! Follow Jos’ journey on:

This research is in partnership with BirdLife Netherlands and SOVON, with financial support from BirdLife International, BirdLife Netherlands and Het Zeeuwse Landschap.

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